It cannot be said enough that if it were not for the many multicultural people who provided their skill, culture, blood, sweat, and free labor as slaves built this country.  Early European settlers would never have had time to create enough wealth, ponder the issues of the day nor start a revolution.  Read in detail the vital context for the sacrifices and rebellions of African and Native people in early European settlements. 

Know Your Story – Know Your History is a blog for personal reflection on the global heritage timeline. These narratives reveal insights into the various lives, reasons, drivers behind world exploration, racialization, enlightenment, plus events and conversations surrounding the life of the Americas.

“CHEW – Culture, Health, Education, Wealth ®” is an approach to use live in person face-t0-face conversation/webinar/conference call/video chats with people who live, work, play, and participate locally. We can together and with help forge alliances to generate enduring fixes for issues regarding employment, business start-up, economic, neighborhood, and community development.

Personally, we all can as heritage and culture custodians embrace our Entrepreneurial Mindset to win in the “mainstream” market economy. Entry into the competition requires information, capital, familiarity with the rules of engagement, game-playing skills and a market of loyal consumers.

Each member culture is a diverse individual origin thread that begins before antiquity, through the age of exploration, across the age of enlightenment, work of the industrial revolution, to now again protest, fight, shed blood for civil rights and justice.

You and AAHA! VA are welcome partners in the work to spur wealth generation and social equity within the Native and African American life locally and across the globe society.