If it were not for the many multicultural people who provided their skill, culture, blood, sweat, and free labor as slaves are who built this country. Early European settlers would never have had time to create enough wealth, ponder the issues of the day, or start a revolution. Read in detail the vital context for the sacrifices and rebellions of African and Native people in early European settlements.

Know Your History – Know Your Story is a blog for personal reflection about the global heritage timeline. The story narratives reveal insights into the many lives, reasons-drivers behind world exploration, racism, religious purity with events and conversations surrounding life in the Americas.

Personally, we each serve as heritage and culture custodians: Culture, Health, Education, Wealth – CHEW® is a topic acronym used to share our story whether in-person/face-t0-face conversations, webinars, video conference calls, or chats with people who live, work, play, and participate locally.

Culture is filled with diverse and unique origin story threads found before antiquity, travels through the age of exploration, across the age of enlightenment, labors in the industrial revolution, to now again protest demonstrations, fights, attacks, bloodshed for civil, human, sexual rights and injustice.

Our CHEW discussions can enable us to come together and forge enduring alliances to fix issues regarding employment, business start-up, sustainable economics, transition neighborhoods, and community development. Yet, to gain entry for the Main Street Economy requires knowledge, rules of engagement protocol, game-playing skills, equity, information, capital, and a pool of loyal consumers.

AAHA! VA welcomes You as a partner in the work to spur wealth generation and social equity within the Native and African American life locally and across the global society.