The vision of the African American Heritage Association of Virginia is to cultivate and elevate awareness of African American Heritage through the collaboration of its members.

Remembering the Past and Building for the Future

AAHAVA is a heritage-based membership organization. We are a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization with headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. Our reach is global. Our content sends a positive message that targets African American and multicultural markets. We embrace strategic partnerships with those who see value in our mission.


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100 for the 400 Honorees Awards

The 100 For The 400 recognition ceremony acknowledges the contributions, achievements, and historic moments of individuals and communities.


We will give special honor and meaning to the humanity of slaves and former slaves. Institutionalized subjugation rendered slaves powerless and of value only as a means of wealth creation for property owners and their families. Selling slaves, thus separating families, was the greatest way to accomplish this. Honoring them is a small measure in consideration of their treatment.

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100 for the 400 Essay Competitions

Know Your History ... Know Your Story contest that features essays and spoken word. The competition is open to Virginia high school students, 9-12 grade, who attend public, private, and charter schools as well as home- schooled students. The contest inspires the creation of works by young people that speak to the Commonwealth's rich multicultural legacy. Virginia has always been multicultural. There were Indigenous, European, and African populations before 1607.    

We have a window from which we can view the Commonwealth of Virginia through the many heritages of her people. The contest fosters curiosity through observation research and field trips that acquaint students with the Presidential Homes and other heritage sites, elements of material culture, and celebrations that link the past with the present.

Golf Tournament

The birds are chirping, the sun is beaming, and your caddie is begging to get out on the green. Sign up for our golf tournament and show off those driving skills, whether it's with your clubs or just a golf cart. This tee off kicks off the spring season. Catch up with fellow mates and enjoy a competitive game of golf while supporting our remarkable student scholars. These young people represent the best of Virginia. Proceeds fund African American interns at Virginia's historically black colleges (HBCUs). Golf tournament proceeds support our speakers’ forum, guest lecturers who enhance student knowledge on the contributions of African Americans to Virginia.

African American Heritage Cruise

Experience a cruise like no other. Not only will you travel the majestic islands of the Caribbean, you will also sail to the vibrant countries of South America, Europe, and the exotic continent of Africa. Plan your perfect vacation by choosing to spend 7-11 nights on this beautiful voyage. Begin your journey by relaxing next to the waves on the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean. Then adventure through Brazil, and enjoy a country that some say is "more Africa than Africa." From Salvador, Bahia's African- inspired cuisines and music, to the biodiversity of the rainforest, Brazil, like other Come Home Heritage Travel destination sites, will be an unforgettable escape.

TV Series

Call & Response

The AAHAVA “Call & Response” videocast is an intra-generational women's conversation consisting of a moderator and four panelists. The moderator will have a different topic each week that integrates culture, health, education, and wealth into a dialogue that speaks to our multicultural society’s resilience.


Soul of Virginia Lifestyle & Travel

Soul of Virginia is a lifestyle and travel magazine that includes a range of topics: travel, cuisine, fashion, leisure, destination sites, lifestyles, and traditions. The magazine is an essential source for the African American and Multicultural experience in Virginia.


African American Heritage Association Journal for the Arts & Scholarly Research

The African American Heritage Association Journal chronicles the general study of the origins, migrations, and diaspora of Africans out of Africa. The journal's current focus is on culture and arts from the period before the middle passage to the present.