Events & Programs

Annual 100 For The 400 Commemoration

100 for the 400 Research Awards – Recognize African American Research Works

100 for the 400 Data Base and Timeline – Research Archive

100 for the 400 Honorees Awards

The 100 For The 400 represents an acknowledgment for the key contributions, achievements and key moments in time by individuals and communities. This award confers meaning, honor and humanity of slaves and former slaves to confront the society that was envisioned by white male property owners.

Annual Spring Formal

Citizen’s Day of Giving Thanks & Nourishment Reception

Thanksgiving Dinner:  No eligibility requirements, for times call the number given or see flyers posted throughout the town – food giveaway to the homeless

Day of Remembrance Reception 

Christmas Day Breakfast Gifts to children after service – Annual Christmas Gala

Education JML Scholarship

100 for the 400 John Mercer Langston Scholarship Competitions Awards

Contest is designed as a sponsor supported activity to inspire young people to create works that encourage celebration of the Commonwealth’s rich multicultural legacy. This competition is open to high school students statewide and that underscores the roles of Virginia’s early families serves as the foundation in making of the New World in a multicultural society. Awards Ceremony is held in January or February to acknowledge winners, judges, teachers, and sponsors for their efforts and support. 

Each contest is designed to emphasize the importance of a well-rounded personal life style. These same principles are derived from the values, life goals set by each settlement dweller, indigenous inhabitants, and African resident.

Scholar – Literature – Language Arts and Debate

Steward – Environment – Science and Math

Statesman [person] – Arts – Music and Fine Arts

Sportsman [person] – Athletic – Tournament: Individual & Team

Endowment Awards

Wealth Personal & Financial

Life Skills

Learn & Earn – Member Events

Entrepreneurial Management Leadership

Communication Competency

Know Your History – Know Your Story

Health Nutrition & Exercise

Health & Nutrition Fair – Farm Market

Golf Tournament

The need for black scholars to consciously study, record and chronicle the struggles, talents, ideas, views, social movements, human rights activism, and transformation of race relations to become America’s conscience all need documentation and analysis. Scholars are needed at all points along the road, to play a vital role in telling the African American story. Your participation will help us continue to provide a quality academic experience for our student-scholars. Our goal is to raise $300,000:  to be allocated in endowed funds to these Universities: Virginia State University Norfolk State University Virginia Commonwealth University Virginia Union University Hampton University University of Virginia

Culture Sites & Destinations

Know Your History – Know Your Story Center

Towns, Cities, and Parks

Come Home – Virginia Historic Site

Libraries & Museums

Agriculture, Restaurant & Wineries

African American Heritage Cruise

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