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North American Slave Revolts

1526 San Miguel de Gualdape (Spanish Florida, victorious)
1548–58, 1579–82 Bayano Wars (Spanish PanamaNew Spain, suppressed)
c. 1570 Gaspar Yanga‘s Revolt (Spanish VeracruzNew Spain, victorious)
1712 New York Slave Revolt (British Province of New York, suppressed)
1730 First Maroon War (British Jamaica, victorious)
1730 Chesapeake rebellion (British Chesapeake Colonies, suppressed
1733 St. John Slave Revolt (Danish Saint John, suppressed)
1739 Stono Rebellion (British Province of South Carolina, suppressed)
1741 New York Conspiracy (British Province of New York, suppressed)
1760 Tacky’s War (British Jamaica, suppressed)
1787 Abaco Slave Revolt (British Bahamas, suppressed)
1791 Mina Conspiracy (Spanish Louisiana (New Spain), suppressed
)1795 Pointe Coupée Conspiracy (Spanish Louisiana, suppressed)
1795 Curaçao Slave Revolt of 1795 (Dutch Curaçao, suppressed)
1791–1804 Haitian Revolution (French Saint-Domingue, victorious)
1800 Gabriel’s Rebellion (Virginia, suppressed)
1803 Igbo Landing (St. Simons IslandGeorgia, victorious)
1805 Chatham Manor (Virginia, suppressed)
1811 German Coast Uprising (Territory of Orleans, suppressed)
1811 Aponte conspiracy (Spanish Cuba, suppressed)
1815 George Boxley (Virginia, suppressed)
1816 Bussa’s Rebellion (British Barbados, suppressed)
1822 Denmark Vesey (South Carolina, suppressed)
1825 Great African Slave Revolt of Guamacaro, Matanzas (Cuba, suppressed)
1831 Nat Turner’s rebellion (Virginia, suppressed)
1831–1832 Baptist War (British Jamaica, suppressed)
1839 Amistad, ship rebellion (Off the Cuban coast, victorious)
1841 Creole case, ship rebellion (Off the Southern U.S. coast, victorious)
1842 Slave Revolt in the Cherokee Nation (Indian Territory, suppressed)
1843–1844 Ladder Conspiracy (Spanish Cuba, suppressed)
1859 John Brown’s Raid (Virginia, suppressed)

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